Cab Wrap Nautilus Necklace

This is a beautiful pendant project from Shelly at Bello Modo.

Bello Modo

Continuing with our celebration of Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th) is this great, chunky Art Stone cab wrapped necklace featuring a Puss n’ Boots cab and czech glass nautilus beads.


I have done a couple of tutorials now with filigree wrapped pendants… you can see the YouTube tutorial here. In designing jewelry there seems to be so many pieces, like this cabochon, that using a large filigree, to wrap it and create a pendant, just seems like the best fit. This is definitely one of those pieces.

You could certainly add a glue on bail instead, and quite easily to support this as a pendant, but I really like the look of the Vintaj filigree for this one. I also love the way the Vintaj brass looks with this antique-looking Art Stone cab. Also, mixing metals by using gold jump-rings really brings out the gold details in…

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About Me

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Hi my name is Gill. I was medically retired at 34 due to a bout of Glandular Fever, which triggered the neuro-immune illness Myalgic Encephomyelitis otherwise known as M.E.  I also suffer from Fibromyalgia and Depression.

To keep myself occupied and sane over the years I am learning to knit and make jewellery. Sadly I am not well enough to make things very often or blog about them, so in the meantime I share and reblog stuff I love by others. From other bloggers with chronic illness to jewellery designers and retailers.  I hope you will enjoy some of my choices and hopefully when I can I will share some of my own thoughts and pictures of things I’ve made.

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Compliance interview

Had to share this as you won’t hear about it in mainstream media.

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I had a visit from a ‘ Compliance officer’ someone had made an allegation against me, that I’m able bodied, that I’m up and about, doing my own housework, walking my dog. Those who have firstly, read my previous blog know this is far from the truth, in fact impossible.

I have friends who voted Tory, for which I do not judge them ( it’s part of the ‘ human condition ‘ to do so ) but those who know me in real life please put aside your images of what people who are in receipt of National insurance claims are like. I’m the true face of ‘ benefits street ‘. Not those you see on Television or read about in the press. I and many others like me. We’re the True face. I would ask you to look at what the government that you voted for is doing to…

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