Have yourself a cheaper little Christmas… I made a wreath!!

Cooking on a Bootstrap

I’ll keep this one short and sweet: I read an article in one of the free London papers the other day about the best Christmas wreaths on the market, pored through it, wondered if we should get one, and quite liked the look of the brightly coloured pom-pom one….and then got home to a world of toddlers needing dinner and baths and bedtime and all thoughts of shopping for wreaths went out of the window. Life is like that, with small children, and many good intentions or passing thoughts just -vanish- (!!) …

And then, boringly rummaging around the house for some paperwork today, I came across a box of material I’d brought back from Tanzania in January, sitting quietly in a corner of the house, waiting for a purpose that would befit how special it was. (oh dear. This isn’t turning out to be that brief after all…)


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