Tip of the Week – What Gauge to Use for Earwires

Unkamen Supplies Blog

I am often asked what the best gauge is to make earwires with. That is both an easy, and hard question to answer!

Easy answer: 20 gauge is the standard thickness for regular lobe piercings.

Hard answer: Sometimes your design requires you to use a thicker or thinner gauge to work with your beads, budget, or other findings.

Thicker Wire – If you want to make a piece with thicker wire, something that will show off the color of your wire or hold its shape better than 20 gauge, then 18 gauge is a good pick. Most people can wear 18 gauge in a fully healed ear piercing, it may just feel “tight” for a little while after putting it in. Unless the earwires will be for gauged ears, I do not recommend using anything thicker to go through the ear itself. If your design allows for it, you could use 20 gauge…

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