Metal Durability

Unkamen Supplies Blog

Do you ever wonder how long your jewelry will last before it starts to wear?  It’s important to know how long a piece can be expected to last.  A lot of that starts with the type of jump rings, or wire, you use.  Solid metals don’t have a coating that can wear off, but they are often much more expensive and are able to tarnish.  With solid metals you’re also limited by the colors of the actual metal.   Coated, plated, filled, and anodized wire solve many of these issues.  Gold Filled and Silver Filled wires allow you to work with precious metals at a much more reasonable cost.  Non-Tarnish wire allows you to work with solid metal without having to worry about it tarnishing or oxidizing.  Enamel Coated Copper and Anodized Aluminum wire come in every color imaginable.  Anodized Niobium and Titanium are colorful and strong hypoallergenic metals that I absolutely…

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